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California Insurance CE Program
Insurance Policies: An Essential Resource

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Complete 10 hours of your requirement anywhere, anytime with this convenient self-study course.
This course is approved by the California Department of Insurance for the following license types:
Life Property
Casualty Accident and Health
Limited Lines Auto Personal Lines

It's easy to earn credit…
  1. Read the course book (printed or online).
  2. Enroll.
  3. Take the open-book online exam for immediate scoring.

Credit is reported to the state within two business days!

State Requirement – California resident agents and brokers with a health, property, casualty, personal lines or life insurance license must complete at least 24 hours of continuing education (including ethics training) during each license term.
Course topics include:
  • Fair Claims Practices
  • Insuring Property
  • Commercial Liability
  • Employee Injuries and Insurance
  • Health Options
  • Recovering From Shutdowns
  • Group Life Insurance
  • Covering Vehicles
View Course Book: includes copies of valuable forms, exhibits, and handbooks.
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