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California Insurance CE Program
Ethical Dilemmas for Insurance Professionals

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Complete 3 hours of your requirement anywhere, anytime with this convenient self-study course.
This course is approved by the California Department of Insurance for the following license types:
Life Property
Casualty Accident and Health
Limited Lines Auto Personal Lines
Independent Adjuster Public Adjuster

It's easy to earn credit…
  1. Read the course book (ONLINE PDF ONLY.).
  2. Enroll.
  3. Take the open-book online exam for immediate scoring.

Credit is reported to the state within two business days!

State Requirement – California resident agents and brokers with a health, property, casualty, personal lines or life insurance license must complete at least 24 hours of continuing education (including ethics training) during each license term.

For license renewals on and after March 1, 2023, ethics courses must include 1 hour of anti-fraud awareness training. All Bookmark Education insurance ethics courses satisfy this new requirement.
View Course Book: includes copies of valuable forms, exhibits, and handbooks.
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The regulatory agency to which we report your course completion(s) may require a credit reporting or other processing fee. Fees are often calculated per-course or per-credit-hour.

Students are required to pay any state-mandated fees in addition to our course tuition.